About Us

Gaia Shop

At Gaia, we bring you a collection of an artisan and not a craftsman alone. We are a one-stop shop for an aesthetic range of designer pots and accessories for your garden and living room. A wide variety of terracotta, earthenware and art pottery of all sizes and texture are a part of our exciting and varied collection. Solely created of all things natural, Gaia line of pots & interior accessories is sans plastic or anything synthetic.

What's Gaia?

A one-stop shop for an aesthetic range of designer pots & accessories like candle stands, vases, planters, plates that make a world of difference to our interiors.

 Why Gaia?

Greek Goddess Gaia is the obvious inspiration behind our creative range. Gaia line of pots & interioraccessories is sans plastic or anything synthetic. Solely created out of all things natural.

Who's behind Gaia?

A dream venture of Mumbai based businessman Mr. Kishore Pasari, Gaia is a body of artistic collection, hand picked by him. An intense hunger for exquisite products makes him a globetrotter. However, he draws inspiration from the works of artisans in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Bali. It's a collection that's unique and which is sure to seek a pride of place in our world.

 Who forms our clients?

An eye that values art and creation across the country is a part of our eco system. From Flashy celebrities to corporate clients from the hotel and realty industry, our clientele spans further to include interior designers, architects, lifestyle shop owners and incorrigible art lovers like you & me who are driven by the intense passion to posses a work of art.

 Our price range

A work of art is always priceless but at Gaia, our prices range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 40,000. Since our pots are imported from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Bali, there are transportation costs involved & brokerage risks are quite high.

 Our roadmap for upcoming years

  •  To maintain our leadership positioning in Mumbai.
  •  To expand in key metro cities like Delhi and Bengaluru and then in tier II cities like Pune and Nagpur.
  •  To familiarize our visitors and customers with the body of art we have and appeal to their artistic